Art of the Loom by Mary

Art of the Loom by Mary

Our first store opened its doors in 2007. Nowadays, it houses a large collection of art pieces, not only paintings and hand-made jewelry, but also creations of fusing glass, for which the store is famous. Here you will find Mrs Mary, co-owner of the Art of the Loom Galleries and an artist herself who is indeed willing to explain everything you need to know not only about the fusing glass techniques but also for all the artists we exhibit in total, if you visit her at the store that she loves spending her time the most.



Fira - 84700 - Santorini Island, Greece
Caldera (behind Petros M. Nomikos Conference Center)

T: +30 22860 21190
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The setting that Gallery Art of the Loom is located in was built in 1866 and was originally used as a kanava serving the needs of the local society for wine production. The building remained untouched until 2010 when we renovated and maintained intact the traditional Cycladic architecture. Today the Gallery houses some of the best works by many well known Greek artists which include oil paintings, jewellery, ceramics, glass and bronze creations and many others, as well as souvenirs, clothes and accessories.