Through our galleries you can find many ways that differ from the norm to decorate your space! Here you will find some examples of such a thing through the compositions that our artists create! Feel free to contact us for more details!

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Blue Boat and fish composition

The composition consists of the sail, the boat and ten of ...

Red Boat composition

The composition constists of the sail the boat and ten fish

"The Islander"

The composition consists of the two aluminium boats and the ...

The setting that Gallery Art of the Loom is located in was built in 1866 and was originally used as a kanava serving the needs of the local society for wine production. The building remained untouched until 2010 when we renovated and maintained intact the traditional Cycladic architecture. Today the Gallery houses some of the best works by many well known Greek artists which include oil paintings, jewellery, ceramics, glass and bronze creations and many others, as well as souvenirs, clothes and accessories.